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The idea of this project came originally from Cheryl Cooper and Janet Cross, relatives, who were doing their own family history. They started planning and plotting the cemetery and it soon became obvious what a great undertaking it was. As they were both members of Stapleford & District U3A Family History group they approached Sharon Bosworth, the group co-ordinator, and told her of their intentions. The U3A were completely supportive of the project and member volunteers spent the summer transcribing the gravestone memorials at the Stapleford Cemetery.  Between 10 & 15 volunteers have spent many hours at the cemetery mapping & noting the inscriptions of over 750 memorial stones with around 1200 names. (Sharon, Janet and Cheryl spent many more hours typing and checking the transcriptions).
Sadly there are many many more unmarked graves which we have been unable to record. It was enjoyable but at times a challenge. Many of the inscriptions were virtually illegible. All the more reason to do this job sooner rather than later. Anyone who has done any family history research will know how important this sort of information is and the need to record it.
So far only the oldest part, where the first burial took place in 1881, has been done. It is proposed to continue with this project over the next 2 years to completely transcribe the whole of Stapleford Cemetery.  I hope you find it interesting and useful. If you would like to know more about the project or Stapleford U3A you will find more information and contact details on their website. https://u3asites.org.uk/stapleford/welcome

Cheryl Cooper, Janet Cross and Sharon Bosworth for putting in many hours work to turn an idea into a reality and for planning and overseeing the project, entering the information into spreadsheets and checking the many entries.
For the production of this booklet:
U3A Volunteers, without whom this book would have taken many more months to be completed.
Stapleford & District U3A for their help and supporting this project.
Stuart Guilder & Sharon Cooke for photography.
Nottingham Archives who printed the hard copy
Stapleford Town council for providing a grant to finance the book being printed..
Mastaprint, Long Eaton for printing this book.

You will find links to spreadsheets with transcribed inscriptions on the ‘Sections’ page of this website.

Sharon Bosworth, Family History coordinator, Stapleford U3A