Tuesday 30th June                             We received this comment via email this morning. Isn’t it great to know all our hard work is appreciated.

Comment: Just wanted to say many thanks for all your hard work. I have just found the inscriptions on my Grandfather and Great Grandparents graves and I can’t wait to visit Stapleford cemetery in person. And to know exactly where the grave is is so helpful. Once again many thanks for an amazing job well done. Wendy Mitchell

(Permission to include name has been granted)

Sunday 21st June                               Don’t forget you can take a short tour of the cemetery by watching our YouTube video.

Stapleford Cemetery video tour

Friday 22nd May        

It is so nice to see that people from around the world are still viewing our website. Stay safe and well everyone.


Friday 14th February                      

I have 2 points I would like to make:

  • If you see an error anywhere on this website please contact us via the “Contact’ form at the bottom of the ‘Home’ page. That is one of the reasons it is there for. Please don’t complain to people who have nothing to do with us, they can’t help you.  The last thing we want to do is cause upset to anyone by getting a name or date wrong.

  • As I have said before this website and all its content has been created by volunteers. It has not been an easy task. Anyone who has been to the cemetery will know many of the gravestones are very old, the inscriptions are almost illegible (as are some of the newer ones), some are damaged and broken. We have done our best. You may know exactly what is written on these stones because they are family members but as strangers sometimes all we can do is give it our best guess. Mistakes are inevitable, we are after all only human.

Monday 27th January 2020              It has been a while since my last posting and I am pleased to say we are still getting lots of visitors to our site. I have recently had a couple of messages pointing out errors spotted relating to the information given about a family members memorial. As I think I said right at the beginning we are not perfect and welcome your feedback. It would be quite a laborious task to edit the pages themselves so I have created an ‘Errata’ page to accommodate these corrections and I will keep this up to date as and when errors are pointed out.

Monday 14th October                      As I said in my last post we have finished our cemetery project but as family historians we have an interest in cemeteries in general. Recently Janet visited Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada for a combined holiday/family history research trip. While there she visited the cemetery and took this photo at the entrance and we thought it worth sharing.



Wednesday 24th July                      Now we have finished this project and have had the books printed and distributed them to local libraries and archives there isn’t much left to report on here but I thought you might be interested to see how far our websites has reached. We are very pleased and proud to say that it has been viewed in 14 countries. We have you to thank for that so thank you for sharing it with your friends and family. Please keep up the good work and continue to do so.

Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 13.24.33

Thursday 11th July                          We have recently been given access to and permission to include on this website the Gravestone Inscriptions in the St Helens Churchyard, Stapleford which have been compiled by the Stapleford & District Local History Society. I would like to give a big thankyou to them for this.


Saturday 15th June                               Councillor John Longdon presenting the cheque to Janet Cross (centre) and Sharon Bosworth (right) for the funds which enabled us to get the second book published to Janet Cross (centre) and Sharon Bosworth (right) 


Friday 14th June                                Well we have the books from the printers and have started to distribute them. Earlier this week Janet passed copies of the book to Stapleford, Beeston and Sandiacre libraries and yesterday I handed in copies to the Local Studies section at the Central Library, Angel Row, Nottingham and to the Nottingham Archives on Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham.

Thursday 30th May                            If you have been viewing this website and reading our ‘Blog’ page you probably know that we have had visitors from all over the world.  What we would like to know is how did you come across the website in the first place and has it helped you in any way. Maybe you were simply able to confirm where Granny and Grandad are buried. Hopefully it has enabled you to further your family history research. It would be great to know if it has inspired someone or some group to tackle a similar project at their local cemetery. We are happy to share our experience and if you need help or advice on where to start we happy to share our knowledge. For any of the above all you need to do it use our contact form at the bottom of our ‘Home’ page. Don’t forget you can also find us on FaceBook, just search Stapleford Cemetery Gravestone Memorials at the top of your  home page and feel free to comment on our posts or ‘Message ‘ us.

Saturday 18th May                             Great news, I have just heard that we have secured funding to get the second book printed. More information on that once I have the details confirmed. Also we have had visitors from Finland and the Netherlands looking at our website over the past couple of days. I hope they found it useful.

Friday 26th April                                Having spent all day re hashing the website I am pleased to announce that the project is complete and you will find all the inscriptions we were able to record are now online. Also I have printed a draft copy of the book. It just needs an introduction etc. and it will be ready for the printers, after we have confirmation of funds to do this of course.

Tuesday 23rd April                             The final count for this second (and last) part of our Stapleford Gravestone Memorial project is 1905 memorials recorded and 3204 names. Well done to all those involved.

Thursday 18th April                           I am pleased to report that everything has been typed up and proof read. Just a few queries to be checked…….. then it can be made ready for printing! And it will ALL go online here very soon. Watch this space.

Sunday 24th March                           Sections H and K have now been added. Indexes to follow.

Friday 15th March                              I have just added the Index for Section G.

Thursday 14th March                        I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for this. You can now find an updated ‘Plans of the Cemetery’ page and the completed Section G on the page entitled ‘Sections’. As yet the index isn’t quite ready but it won’t be long!

Monday 11th March                           Sadly, for us, the printer we used for the first book has retired but  I’m pleased to say we have found another printers who will do the 2nd book for us at a reasonable price.

Sunday February 24th                       Back up to the Cemetery again next week with 9 x A4 sheets of  queries/corrections to check. Waiting for the last book to be typed up then I will be ready to prepare it all for printing and putting on the website. Don’t get too excited there’s quite a lot of work still to be done but I think it’s safe to say we are heading towards the finishing post. This is spurred on by the fact that our website has had visitors from Austria, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR China, USA, France and Ireland and that is just this week! Thankyou all for sharing, keep up the good work.

Wednesday January 30th                 Our website has had a visitor in Bulgaria today!

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 22.39.21

Tuesday January 22nd                       I have just added another section to the “A taste of things to come” page. Please remember this is still a work in progress. We still have to check and make corrections where necessary.

Monday 21st January                        I think we are well on our way to completeting the typing up of the transcriptions made by our lovely volunteers. So far I have on my computer 2462 names and I’m sure Janet and Cheryl have many more to add to this.

We have also recently heard that the printers we used for the first book have retired so we are on the look out for another local reasonably priced one.

Sunday 20th January  2019             Well I think I have finally got my act together again and I am ready to start giving you updates on our progress but first let me wish you a belated Happy New Year.

Tuesday December 11th                  It’s been a while since my last post, ‘life and the living’ has taken over for the past few weeks but this morning I came across this and felt I had to share it. I had no idea there was a name for what a lot of us do. That name is Taphophile. Click on the link below for a full explanation





Sunday 11th November  

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 09.14.56                                                                                              World War One was one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the human race, in which over 16 million people died. The total number of both civilian and military casualties is estimated at around 37 million people. The war killed almost 7 million civilians and 10 million military personnel. Quote taken from https://www.historyonthenet

Friday 9th November                          I would like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! Thanks to Pat who went to the cemetery by herself and finished transcribing the last of the memorials yesterday! We have now completed the transcribing part of the project. All that is left to do now is get it all typed up. No pressure there for us Janet 😉

Wednesday 24th October                   Spending so much time at the cemetery transcribing and seeing so many different headstones has set me wondering. I have known for a long time that the style of and the decoration on a headstone are symbols for various things. Here are a few examples:                                                             A Dove has several meanings. Flying down represents the Holy Spirit. Flying up represents the Soul’s journey to Heaven. In profile or with an olive branch represents peace.                                                                                                                               Egg and Dart is sometimes used in borders. It looks like eggs in cups separated by a vertical line. It symbolises life and death.                                                                           Hands  frequently appear and convey a variety of meanings 

  • Hand pointing up indicate gone to heaven
  • Hand pointing down Hand of God. Sometimes represent a sudden death
  • Clasped hands being guided to heaven
  • Handshake is a farewell from earthly life and welcome to God’s kingdom
  • Hands Praying in religion devotion
  • Hands reaching either God reaching down for the deceased or the soul reaching upwards or both
  • Cupped hands represent an offering to God                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you would like to know more have a look at this website:

Thursday 11th October                    To all those involved in transcribing this second part of the gravestone memorials: Give yourselves a big pat on the back. Janet has just done a quick tot up and we have transcribed 1630 memorials so far.                    Well done us!

Sunday 7th October                            We have another date for your diaries. Thursday 11th October. We will be at the cemetery at 1.30pm to do some more transcribing and checking if you would like to join us. So far the weather looks fine.

Wednesday 26th September                I have just added some more memorials to our ‘A Taste of Things to Come’ page if you you fancy a little look. I must stress once more that this is not complete and there are some corrections and things we need to check but you might find what you are looking for.

Thursday 19th September            Thankyou to the brave volunteers who came to the cemetery yesterday for some more transcribing. It was VERY windy  as you can imagine so after about an hour common sense kicked in and we decided to call it a day. Didn’t want you to be reading the headlines “Stapleford women killed by falling branches in cemetery’. We did make a start on the cremation memorials though.

Monday 17th September                The weather looks good, so far 😉 for another session at the Stapleford Cemetery this Wednesday 19th September for some more transcribing if you would like to join us.

Tuesday 11th September                We’ll be at the cemetery again this Thursday 13th to record some more gravestone memorials. Also next Wednesday 19th. With a bit of luck this will be the last session actually at the cemetery. JUST all the typing up, checking, returning to the cemetery to check possible mistakes and preparing for printing and putting on the website 🤔

Thursday 6th September                  Yesterday was our U3A’s Groups Fair where all our current groups displayed examples of the things they have been doing including 4 songs from the Singing for Fun group. It also gave many new people, possibly new members a chance to see what we are all about.  Of course the Cemetery Project had a display and received a lot of interest from members new and old.

Earlier this week Janet took and donated one of our books to the Sandiacre Library where it will be available for the public to look at and hopefully find an ancestor or two.

Saturday 1st September                   After the initial influx of visitors from overseas to this website things have settled to a steady trickle with the majority being from the UK. However on checking the statistics yesterday I discovered we have had a visitor from Hong Kong, China. Keep up the good work folks, keep spreading the word.

Monday 27th August                          We haven’t posted on this page for a little while but rest assured we haven’t been idle 😉 I have just updated our ‘A taste of things to come’ page so why not have a look to see if your ancestors are on there. Remember this is still a work in progress and as you will see there are some things we need to check.

Friday 17th August                             Janet tells me that we recorded 285 memorials during our last two sessions. Well done volunteers! At this rate we will finish that part of it this year. This is of course just the beginning. We have started typing and getting it all into spreadsheets but we still have a long long way to go.  Then comes the task of making it ready to print and getting funding to do this.

Tuesday 14th August                          We will be back at the cemetery tomorrow Wednesday 15th August for some more transcribing. Having missed the last session myself I am looking forward to seeing the progress we have made.

Monday 13th August                          I would like to point out again that this project is being done by volunteers and we can only include what we can see and read. Anyone who has spent time looking around a cemetery will know and understand how difficult this job can be. Many of the memorials are in a state of bad repair, crumbling and falling over, inscriptions worn away by the ravages of time and sometimes we have to make an educated guess. eg Is it a 3 or a 5? So please bear this in mind when reading our website or book. We welcome information and corrections but do not appreciate being berated because we have got something wrong, you are welcome to come and join us. What is already in print cannot be changed and when the project has been completed there will be a page with corrections.

Monday 13th August                        I have just added some more memorials to our ‘A Taste of Things to Come’ page if you you fancy a little look. I must stress once more that this is not complete and there are some corrections and things we need to check but you might find what you are looking for.

Wednesday 8th August                  Don’t forget we are at the cemetery tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 9th August at 1:30pm and again on Wednesday 15th August if you fancy helping us or just want to have a look at what we do.

Wednesday 1st August                    A new month and two new dates for transcribing memorials at the cemetery. Thursday 9th August and Wednesday 15th August. We meet at 1:30pm outside the Chapel if you fancy joining us. No special skills required. Pen and paper supplied. Please come prepared for whatever weather we have and footwear suitable for rough ground.

Monday 30th July.                            I just heard that having been unable to join us at our transcribing sessions one of our volunteers is going to go by herself to do some. Thank you!

Wednesday 25th July                     Here are a couple of photos from one of our transcribing sessions. You may or may not be aware that the family of David and Richard Attenborough come from this area. I wonder if Helena and George Ernest Attenborough are related to them. I don’t have the time to research this at the moment but please feel free to message us if you know. The other is an example of why we may not be able to record where your ancestor is buried even though you are certain they are there and that there is a headstone with inscription.



Wednesday 18th July                     Another warm sunny afternoon spent at the cemetery. Although there were only 7 volunteers we managed to transcribe 130 headstones. We really are making great progress and if we continue at this rate we will finish transcribing all the headstones in the newer part of the cemetery this year. Then ALL that is left to do is the reading, checking and typing up of the information. A great big thankyou to all our volunteers.

Monday 16th July                          We will be up at the cemetery again this Wednesday afternoon for some more transcribing if you fancy helping. We usually start about 1:30pm

Saturday 14th July                         I’ve got the numbers for this weeks cemetery session, 140 memorials transcribed. Maybe not as many as at other times but our numbers were a little depleted with only 6 of us there. This gives us a total of 748.

Thursday 12th July                        Another hot afternoon at the cemetery and many more memorials transcribed. The ground is parched with very little green grass to be seen but this Birdsfoot trefoil or Egg & Bacon is going strong.

Version 2

Saturday 7th July                            Two more dates for this months cemetery project if you fancy joining us and helping to transcribe some more memorials. Thursday July 12th and Wednesday July 18th. We meet at the cemetery at about 1.30pm. It looks like being another warm day so please bring a hat and a drink if you want one. There’s not a lot of shade up there.

Friday 6th July                                 I have just added a new page called ‘A Taste of Things to Come’, accessible via the menu. Here you will find the first part of our 2018 season to be typed up. Please remember this is an ongoing project and there are thing we will need to check and confirm. As yet the index is not available but you may still be lucky and find what you want.

Tuesday 26th June                            I thought you might be interested in how we go about recording the gravestone memorials. Firstly Janet made a number of visits the cemetery to get a rough layout and idea of how many stones. Fortunately the burials are laid out in rows (mainly 😉 She uses paths to define the sections and then she gives each row a letter. The the stones are given a number as we go along the row. Our volunteers usually work in pairs noting down and numbering each stone in the row. The notepads used are then taken home and entered into a spreadsheet by myself, Janet and Cheryll. It doesn’t matter how carefully we do this there will always be queries. Maybe we can’t read the inscription clearly. The handwriting in the notepads can become a little scribbled at times and we struggle to read it before putting into the spreadsheet. Or what we read doesn’t make sense. One inscription was transcribed with a birth and death date 140 years apart, clearly wrong.  Many but not all of our vulunteers are experienced family historians and sometimes we ‘get a feel’ about something that just doesn’t gel. Occasionally at the spreadsheet stage it can be necessary to check things like spellings and sometimes dates. When this happens we use FindMyPast, FreeBMD and the GRO just to confirm things. We are not doing research for the families though it can sometimes be very difficult to resist the urge to find out more about some of the memorials. When we come upon a query at the spreadsheet stage that we can’t solve then another visit to  the memorial is done to try and solve it. This is not always possible which is why you may find ? marks and notes about it in the final document.  After many many hours and months of work the spreadsheet will be ready for printing. 

Examples of our jottings:



Friday 22nd June                              I just came across this poem and thought it would suit our project nicely. The author is Walter Butler Palmer.


Wednesday 20th June                  Another lovely afternoon at the cemetery. 250 inscriptions recorded today making a total of 608 done so far. We are way ahead of last year! Thankyou to all our lovely volunteers.

Monday 18th June                        Success, I just managed to upload our video to YouTube and on to our website! Check out the Video page from the menu bar at the top of the Home page.

Monday 18th June                            It seems I can’t put videos on this free WordPress site so  I’ve just uploaded a video of our volunteers at the cemetery to our FaceBook page, so if you’re on FaceBook search for Stapleford Cemetery Gravestone Memorials to see it.

Friday 15th June                             Janet’s done the sums and I’m pleased to report another 140 memorials were transcribed yesterday. Also with help from a friend we will shortly have a video of the cemetery and some of the volunteers doing their work so look out for that in the next few days. (Assuming I can figure out how to get it on here 🙂

Thursday 14th June                         Another productive afternoon at the cemetery with our volunteers recording more gravestone memorials.



Sunday 10th June                               I’m pleased to say the mystery of the writing in the Cemetery book has been solved! There was a mix up of books and all is now well with the world.

Wednesday 6th June                        It’s been a while since my last update on here and I’m sorry to say that it isn’t going to be a very positive one. As you know all the work on this project is done by volunteers and we have never claimed to be infallible.  I encourage anyone with information about any of the burials or if they have spotted any errors to let me know. We can’t alter what has already gone into print but we can alter information on this website and our intention is to add a page with corrections etc when the final book goes into priint but that won’t be for quite some time yet.  The reason I’m saying all this is that shortly after having the books printed someone came to me at our U3A monthly meeting and told me a name had been spelt incorrectly, I apologised and explained the above. When I got home I corrected it on this website. I keep one of the books which I take to our meetings for members to look at. Today this book was out on display. When I came back to it after about an hour I was looking through it for someone and noticed that someone had taken a biro and corrected this spelling in the book!!! The books cost £15 each to be printed and somebody saw fit to deface it!!! Angry, enraged, and gobsmacked are a few of the words and feelings that I and other members felt on seeing this. Oddly enough the volunteer who did the original transcription questioned the spelling at the time because she knew the name so next week when we’re at the cemetery again we will be checking the memorial to see how it is spelt on there.  We have seen various spellings of different names while doing this and we put down what we see not what we think it should be. I will also be checking the copies of the book in the library.

Friday 18th May                               We now have the dates for our next two transcribing sessions at the cemetery. Thursday 14th June 1:30pm and Wednesday 20th June 1:30pm.

Wednesday 16th May                       Thank you to Long Eaton U3A for giving Janet and myself a very warm welcome this afternoon and allowing us to tell them about our Cemetery Project.

Saturday 12th May                             A few days ago we had a lovely email from Stephen Berry, Convenor for the Newport U3A Family History group. I asked if we could share it on here, he said yes.  

“I am convenor of the Newport U3A Family History Group here in South Wales and details of your project and website have just reached me via our Chairman. Firstly let me congratulate all of you who have been involved in this superb project in any way – it is a massive undertaking and one of value to so many people. Secondly, knowing that a very distant branch of my father’s mother’s family which I have researched in its entirety in the British Isles, had moved to the Stapleford area in the 1930s I dipped in to look – and there they were! The family name is Warry and really only occurs in great numbers in the West Country prior to WW2, but that doesn’t stop me looking at any index available in the hope of finding an odd “stray”.”

It is so good to hear when people have used the website and found family!

Thursday 10th May.                        We had a brilliant afternoon at the cemetery (if that doesn’t sound to odd) Between 9 of us we transcribed 201 gravestone memorials. Well done volunteers and thankyou! Look out for some photos on our Gallery page.

Thursday 10th May.                        Well today’s the day we start the next part of our project! Exciting but also a little daunting, there is so much more to do but I have every confidence in out happy bunch of volunteers. Thank you to them.        

 Tuesday 8th May.                              I would like to thank the Stapleford Local History Society for giving Janet and myself a very warm welcome when we visited them to tell them about our cemetery project.

Friday 4th May                             Finished emailing the whole UK U3A Network today promoting our project and website. Since starting this I have had some lovely replies from other groups and it seems we have inspired one or two of them to consider doing something similar in their own area. This leaves me feeling very proud of our achievements so far and of all those involved. Also thankful to be a member of the Stapleford & District U3A and of the wider U3A Network.

 Tuesday 1st May                                                    We also now have  FaceBook page so look out for that.

Saturday 28th April Wow!! Statistics so far.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 22.18.34

Friday 27th April                          Well all I can say is thank goodness emails are free! Over the past few days I have sent about 60 of them and that is just the beginning. Over the next however long I will be contacting as many individual U3A groups as possible to promote this website and our project.

Thursday 26 April                    Thank you to Stapleford W I for giving us a warm welcome and the opportunity to tell them about our cemetery project.

Monday 23rd April                                                                                                                           Met with Janet and Cheryl to discuss dates for starting the next section of the Cemetery and agreed on Thursday 10th May for our first session.

Wednesday 18th April                                                                                                                          I visited Beeston U3A Family History Group to tell them about our Cemetery Project. Luckily there was internet access to I was able to demonstrate and talk them through the website as well as show them the book we had printed. Thank you for Beeston U3A for inviting me and making me so welcome.

April 2018.                                                                                                                                               At the beginning of April Janet went up to the cemetery to assess and form a plan of action for the rest of the cemetery.

Only 1850 memorials to do.jpg   

March 20th 2018                                                                                                                                  A copy of the book was given to the Manuscripts and Special Collections library at Nottingham University, Kings Meadow.

March 19th 2018                                                                                                                                  A copy of the book was given to Stapleford Library Local Studies.

15th March 2018                                A copy of the book was given to Local Studies department of the Nottingham Central Library. Also a copy to Nottingham Archives.

March 10th 2018
We’ve made it into the Nottingham Evening Post!


March 7th 2018
The official launch of this website and presentation of the book to Councillor, Chris Rice Mayor of Stapleford Town Council.

February 2018
It’s done and ready for the printers. Phew!

ALL that was left to do was finish entering the information on to the spreadsheet. Check the information for accuracy and spellings etc. Return to the cemetery a number of times to clarify queries that had come up and prepare the spreadsheet for publication. Check quotes for printing as what we thought would be about 100 pages has turned into 200 pages. That’s all

December 2017                                                                                                                               Recieved confirmation that we have funding from Stapleford Town Council and can go ahead with printing.

November 2017
Janet completed the application form for funding

October 2017                                                                                                                                       Janet & I met with Margaret Downie of Stapleford Town Council to discuss possible funding to cover printing costs.

Wednesday September 20th 2017
Final session.

Wednesday August 30th 2017
Fifth session and we were over halfway through by now. It was decided to make a start on entering the information we had so far on to a spreadsheet. This was to continue for several months to come.

Wednesday July 19th 2017
Fourth gathering at the cemetery and we were beginning to feel we were making some headway.

Thursday July 13th 2017
Third gathering at the cemetery and we were all confident enough in the task ahead of us to get straight on with the job

Wednesday June 21st
Our second afternoon. We met at 1:30pm and after a recap of what we were looking for and how we were going to go about recording the information we soon got into the swing of things

Wednesday June 15th 2017
Our first session at the cemetery. We arrived at the cemetery on a fine sunny afternoon at around 1:30pm. Armed with notepads, pens and a plan which Janet had worked out for us. There were about 10 of us and it was decided it would be better to work in pairs, one reading the other writing plus sometimes it helps to have a second opinion as not all the gravestones were in good condition and easy to read.

Wednesday May 3rd 2017
This was the date of our regular U3A monthly meeting. Janet spoke to those assembled and told them about the plan to record the gravestone memorials and ask for volunteers. After the general meeting members were encouraged to volunteer by putting down their names and state which days and dates they would be available to help.

The start…. April 2017                                                                                                                      As mentioned before Janet & Cheryl came to me at one of our Family History group meetings and said they would like to record the gravestone memorials at the Stapleford Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Stapleford, Nottingham. This idea was welcomed with enthusiasm from our members and it was decided to put this to all Stapleford U3A members at our next Monthly meeting.